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Through our flexibility and customization we can accommodate all our individual clients needs.   We offer full service residential and commercial real estate.  Our reliability and effective communication allows us to provide our clients with excellent service and results.



We have listed several suggestions below to help you with a successful sale. Selling your home will take work, organization as well as recognizing the financial obligations to you as the seller.  To help ensure  a successful sale there are many items you can do prior to marketing your home which will make you a prepared seller.

  • How much do you owe? After you know your outstanding loan balance, you can calculate the estimated cost of selling (escrow fees, title fees, repairs, inspections, commission etc.) and deduct the amount to arrive at your net proceeds.
  • Prior to marketing your property you should order a preliminary title report to make sure there are no liens against the property, all taxes have been paid, and the title is clean. Generally there is no fee to order the preliminary title report but check with a title company.
  • When is the last time you did a termite inspection? I recommend ordering a termite inspection as soon as possible. I have sold a lot of homes and termite issues arise with almost every sale. Don’t get surprised your home may need termite work or tenting,  these costs can be between as much as $2,000 – $3,000.
  • What is the condition of your home? Buyers will go through your home with a physical inspector and will present you with a request for repairs. As the seller you are not obligated to do any of the requested repairs, but  buyers may decide not to move forward if the have concerns.
  • Do you live in a condo or town home? Find out the condo owner occupancy rate and if there is any pending litigation as this may affect financing. Find out if your condo/house is FHA/VA approved, as well as the the cost of obtaining HOA documentation. The seller generally  pays for these items and the cost can be $300 – $500, there may also be a rush fee.
  • Familiarize yourself with home warranty plans as buyers will usually ask for sellers to a pay the first years home warranty.
  • Rural properties, do you have septic or a well? You will need a septic and well inspection.Wells will need to be tested for production and portability.

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